just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...

California here we....stay...

2004-04-20 | 10:53 a.m.
So, in case you didnít gather from my ranting yesterday, all bets are off and we are staying in California for the foreseeable future. The woman in Seattle decided she was going to return, and then Kís boss told him that although they wanted K for the Kansas City job, he (Kís boss) was going to block him from getting it because he wanted K to stay at his current position longer.

So that sucks.

I didnít even realize how much I wanted to go to Kansas City until I found out it wasnít going to happen. It was all those pretty, and yet affordable houses.

I was just ready to go. California seems to have not really worked out. I hate our house, because itís a tiny box that we spend $1000 a month on. I donít like my job. The traffic is awful. And we really havenít made any friends here. Itís hard to meet people, and being here seems to impermanent that itís hard to make a ton of effort.

So, Iím feeling a little blue.

I am trying to come up with a list of things we can do in the house (better storage, buying the furniture weíve put off getting) to make it more manageable and pleasant to live in. I am also planning on leaving work on July 16. I will go to school full time, and at the end of August start my student teaching (hopefully).

Anyway. I am trying to get on the ďitís all for the best, it wasnít meant to beĒ bandwagon, but Iím not quite there yet.

Reading: Unless (still)

Craving: A new house? A new job? I might settle for a Diet Coke, though.

Hoping: To hear back from a principal about student teaching.

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