just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...

Big news

2004-02-17 | 9:53 a.m.
An interesting weekend with much to report.

First, the big news, which is kind of good (for K, and in theory for us) and kind of bad (for me). Right now at work K does inside sales. The next step, which he had been told would happen at the end of this year, is to move into an outside sales job. So yesterday he was told that there was an outside saleswoman who had to take off about three months, and they want him to do her job while she is gone. This is a huge compliment because they chose him over other people in his division who had been there longer, and once he’s done this he can hopefully move into outside sales sooner.

So, the bad news…

The job’s in Seattle. So he would be here from Friday through Monday and up there Tuesday through Thursday. Which pretty much sucks. Even with him here I have times where I am achingly lonely, so I can only imagine that it will be worse once he’s gone three days a week. I have no family here, and, despite my best efforts, no friends.

And I know this is the best thing to do, but I am still bummed. I know marriage is not something where you keep score, but sometimes I feel like I make sacrifice after sacrifice for him and I just want to know when it’s going to be my turn.

Blah…I can pretty much guarantee that this won’t be the last time I talk about this.

But anyway. Other than that the long weekend was lots of fun.

Friday we curled up and watched Tivo. Saturday K was just the sweetest Valentine ever. We went to IHOP and then saw “50 First Dates” which was so cute. Then we grocery shopped and came home and made a huge meal and watched “Under the Tuscan Sun.” And he gave me tons of little presents and was just generally a fabulous husband.

Sunday we went down to San Diego to visit his grandmother and some of his extended family. It was pretty fun, but it kind of sucked up the whole day.

And yesterday, I did not have a relaxing pajama day despite my best intentions. There was just too much to do. I did manage six loads of laundry, and we went to Macy’s and finished off out dishes and stuff from our registry.

Anyway. Lots to think about. I will update about this job stuff as we hear more.

Reading: Straight Talking, but Jane Green

Craving: More days off!

Thinking: I don't want to sleep without him!! Sad.

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