just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...

Remember when I was interesting? Yeah, me neither.

2004-06-07 | 2:52 p.m.
Okay. I am officially an awful diary writer. There has been so much to do that I havenít had time, and a lot of the stuff is really boring to those who are not me (and a lot of it is boring to me as well) so whenever I sit down I canít think of anything to write.

But Iíll give it a whirl.

HB visited this weekend, which was very nice. We cleared the air a bit about how tense things have been since sheís been with her boyfriend. I donít know that we completely resolved things, but it was nice to at least have them out in the open.

Friday I took off work and we walked around Fullerton and then had lunch with K. We watched some Sex in the City DVDs and that night went and saw ďShrek 2Ē which was very entertaining.

Saturday we went shopping and watched more DVDs and eventually went out to dinner and to see the new Harry Potter movie, which I ended up being very disappointed in. I just loved the book so much and then had to cut so much of it out. I missed all the cool magic stuff. In the end, I like the movie I see in my head better.

Also. For those readers who have tiny babies Ė why do you bring them to the movie theater? And then, when they cry, why do you not leave? Get a baby sitter. Or, if you canít, then stay home. Your desire to see a movie, while understandable, does not outweigh everyone elseís desire to actually be able to hear whatís going on.

Oh well.

Sunday I was a bad hostess because I had to do some assignments for my biology class and then write a final paper. My first two education classes are all done now, though, so thatís exciting.

Last Monday at this job ever! Yay!

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