just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...

Frantic Friday

2004-01-30 | 9:28 a.m.
Woe is me.

Well, kind of. A mini-woe at least. So last night I rush home and have a million things to do to get ready for this weekend, so I am already a little stressed. Grocery shopping and packing, plus I need to clean the house, change the sheets, etc. because Ks sister is house and dog sitting while we are gone.

But then at some point in the evening I become overcome by this horrible upset stomach thing. I blame the slightly suspect grocery store sushi we had for dinner. And then later, when I am trying to continue to clean despite feeling awful I throw my back out. Because apparently I am 80, as opposed to 24. I wasnt even doing anything. I was bending over to pick up a pillow and was all of a sudden in SO much pain. It is still really, really hurting.

So then I decide I will get up at 5:30 and finish everything this morning. Then at 3:00 a.m. our neighbor starts pounding on our gate. K had left our garage open and he wanted to warn us so nothing got stolen. We dealt with that and went back to sleep. Then we woke up at 6:55 to discover our alarm had not gone off.

Much franticness this morning. I hate nothing so much as over sleeping.

So, in sum, I am a frazzled puppy. I have a second telephone interview for a second job today during lunch. I am not sure I want to leave this job any more now that I am planning on returning to school, but I figured I might as well have the interview.

Anyway. Hopefully I can calm down a little before we leave this afternoon. Think peaceful thoughts for me. And sign my guestbook!!

Reading: Nothing. No time! Hopefully some online diaries today.

Craving: Calm

Thinking: I can't wait for this weekend. Hopefully the traffic won't be too bad.

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