just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...
just-married...musings of a new bride...

Back from sunny California

2005-01-04 | 2:19 p.m.
I have returned from our holiday travels. So much fun, and such a bummer to return to the sucky job.

We went out to California for five days with my whole family. It was a very good time, and my parents and I managed to get along very well (which is sort of hit or miss lately, so I was grateful.)

The only weirdness came from my sister and brother-in-law and their two kids. They were totally obsessed with the kids and barely talked to anyone else. And the kids themselves were rather strange as well. K and I left the trip saying we were definitely going to wait a while before having any of our own.

We then spent some time with his family in Kentucky. It was fun and pretty lazy. On New Year’s eve, we had a belated anniversary (one year!) celebration. We went to a beautiful bed and breakfast out in Tennessee. They had a big New Year’s dinner and then brunch the next day. We spent the rest of the night cuddled up watching vides and drinking champagne. Big fun. I got him an autographed photo of Mike Ditka, who he loves, (keeping in the paper theme) and he got me a portable DVD player. Very fun. What a nice husband I have.

Of course, once we got home from all of this traveling, I was ready for the laying around my house portion of the vacation to begin. Sadly, it was not to be, and here I am back at work.

Reading: Tracy Chevalier's Fallen Angels

Craving: Bring back my vacation!

Thinking: About new year's resolutions, to be posted tomorrow

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